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International Cooperative for Aerosol PredictionLink
Updates on the International Cooperative for Aerosol Reearch Multi-Model EnsembleLink
Update on the NASA GEOS-5 Aerosol Forecasting and Data Assimilation SystemLink
NAAPS Model Update from NRL Part 1Link
NRL Aerosol Forecasting Update Part 2: Research and DevelopmentLink
Aerosol Activities at ECMWFLink
Met Office UpdateLink
BSC UpdateLink
Status Update on NCEP operational Global Aerosol Forecasting SystemLink
SILAM global AQ forecast: model outlook, current status and challengesLink
AERCOM and other thingsLink
Updates of the Aerosol Prediction of the Japan Meteorological AgencyLink
Météo-France updateLink


University of Wisconsin SSEC Atmospheric SIPS and AHI/ABI CapabilitiesLink
Characterizing the 2015 Indonesia Wild Fire Event Using Modified MODIS Aerosol RetrievalsLink
Aerosol Monitoring Related Activities at EUMETSATLink
AERONET Version 3 Database UpdateLink
CATS Version 2 Aerosol Feature Detection and Applications for Data AssimilationLink
The Simulation of Aerosol Affected Infrared Radiances in RTTOVLink
Developments in Operational RT Codes - SWLink
Radiative Transfer: From Plane Parallel to 3D RTLink
MAIAC Retrievals over Land and OceanLink
Aerosol Impact on the GEOS-5 Meteorological AnalysisLink
Using Prescribed Aerosol From MACv2-SP for Assessing Uncertainty in Radiative ForcingLink
Status of Versatile GRASP Retrieval AlgorithmLink


Evaluating Aerosol Impacts on Numerical Weather Prediction: 5th Report - 2017Link
Aerosol Impacts on WeatherLink
To what extent does biomass burning effect NWP? Consolidation of recent NASA IDS and ONR findingsLink
Prognostic aerosols in the Ensemble Prediction System and impacts at the monthly/sub-seasonal scalesLink
Radiative Impact of Aerosols in the Composition - IFS ModelLink
Dust‐Radiation Interactions: From Weather to ClimateLink
Inferring Emissions of Desert Dust and Primary Carbonaceous Aerosol from PARASOL/GRASP RetrievalsLink