Meetings Pdfs


Lidar: a Powerful Tool for Aerosol Transport Studies: ElorantaLink
Updates on the International Cooperative for Aerosol Research Multi-Model Ensemble (ICAP-MME): LynchLink
NRL Update: ReidLink
Aerosol Activities at ECMWF: Letertre-Danczak (1)Link
Aerosol Activities at ECMWF: Letertre-Danczak (2)Link
Met Office Update: BrooksLink
NASA Update: DarmenovLink
NCEP Update: WangLink
Update of the aerosol prediction of the Japan Meteorological Agency: Overview: TanakaLink
Update of the aerosol prediction of the Japan Meteorological Agency: Overview: OgiLink
MetoFrance Update: El AmraouiLink
BSC Update: PerezLink
What Will NASA do in the event of a Major Volcanic Eruption: MaringLink


CALIPSO: WinkerLink
CATS Near Real Time Data and Applications for Aerosol Forecasting: YorksLink
CATS Aerosol Typing and Future Directions: NowottnickLink
Aerosol characterization using airborne HSRL and some applications: BurtonLink
Using Airborne HSRL Measurements to Evaluate and Understand Aerosol Models: FerrareLink
MPLNET v3 status and use of ground based lidar for verification and assimilation: WeltonLink
ECMWF MACC-II evaluation of performances with MPLNET Lidar network at NASA Goddard Flight Center: LolliLink
Determination of Mixing Layer Height and ASOS: Testbed, algorithms and network: Delgado, DemozLink
EARLINET status, short term plans and long term vision as a component of ACTRIS Research Infrastructure: MonaLink
EARLINET products for model evaluation and assimilation: BinietoglouLink
Met Office ceilometer and lidar operational networks: AdamLink
Validation/assimilation of chemical transport models using AD-Net lidar data Nobuo SugimotoLink


JMA Assimilation updates: YumimotoLink
E-PROFILE/TOPROF: Haefele, HaeffelinLink
NCEP aerosol data assimilation updates: LuLink
Evaluation of the aerosol vertical distribution in NGAC v2 through comparison against satellite and ground observation data: BhattacharjeeLink
AERONET version 3: GilesLink
EnKF in NAAPS: RubinLink
EarthCARE/ATLID and Himawari-8 AOD: KikuchiLink
Other PBL-related and NGAC-related activities: LuLink
Aerosol Lidar Activities at ECMWF: Status and Plans: Letertre-DanczakLink
A GEOS-5 Observating System Simulation Experiment of the OMI Aerosol Products: ColarcoLink