Meetings Pdfs

Day 1

A Dozen Years of ICAPLink
CAMS OverviewLink
GEOS OverviewLink
MeteoFrance Overview: evolution of the MOCAGE model and research resultsLink
NAAPS OverviewLink
Modelling Global Aerosols With the SILAM ModelLink
MONARCH and Barcelona Dust Regional Center updatesLink
EUMETSAT Developments on Operational Aerosol ProcessorsLink
SIPS UpdateLink
LANCE UpdateLink
MODIS Geo UpdateLink
JMA/MRI Aerosol Prediction Model OverviewLink
JAXA Aerosol MissionLink

Day 2

An Update on the Met Office Dust Assimilation and Forecasting SystemLink
Reflections and Musings of 50 Years of Field Work and Network Management. Tell Us What You Really Think, BrentLink
GAW ProgramLink
Identifying a NRT Path to Assimilate Geostationary Aerosol DataLink
GRASP Product LinesLink
Advances in CRTM Aerosol Treatment with v2.4.1 and v3 ReleasesLink
JEDI-Based Ensemble-Variational Aerosol Data Assimilation SystemLink
Ensemble NAAPS Data Assimilation and Probabilistic PredictionLink
The Development of OMI Aerosol Index Assimilation Capability for Aerosol Analyses Over Bright SurfacesLink
Aeolus and All Sky AssimilationLink
Open-Source Science at NASALink
Machine learning of aerosol and cloud featuresLink
Adventures in the CloudLink

Day 3

Updates to the GEOS Neural Network Retrieval (NNR) for AODLink
Overview of MAIAC Aerosol Retrieval Capabilities from Polar, Geostationary and L1 OrbitsLink
Aerosol Chemical Speciation from MAIAC EPICLink
Deep BlueLink
A Review of the Treatment of Dust Optical Properties in Earth System ModelingLink
Bridging MBL Scale for Sea Salt Production EstimatesLink
Making the Best Use of Field Campaign DataLink
Recent Advancements in METplus: A Verification and Diagnostics FrameworkLink
Models, In situ, and Remote Sensing of Aerosols (MIRA) International Working GroupLink