Meetings Pdfs

Day 1

Update on the NOAA FV3GFS-Chem Global Aerosol ModelLink
NASA GEOS Aerosol Modeling and Assimilation ActivitiesLink
Current development status of aerosol data assimilation and forecasting system at JMALink
Update on the JMA/MRI Aerosol Prediction Model ResearchLink
Navy Aerosol System Science and Development for OperationsLink
ECMWF operational aerosol updateLink
ECMWF research on aerosol updateLink
BSC Update: MONARCH modelLink
FMI updateLink
Météo-France update : evolution of the MOCAGE model and research resultsLink

Day 2

Global aerosol forecast and assimilation at ECCC: current status and future directionsLink
Satellite Continuity and Synergy: From MODIS to VIIRS and from LEO to GEOLink
Adapting MAIAC to Geostationary Observations: Current Limitations and What's PossibleLink
Updates On Deep Blue Aerosol Algorithm for LEO and GEO Satellite MeasurementsLink
Scientific Development for Operational Aerosol ProductsLink
University of Wisconsin SSEC Development and Support for GEO and LEO Aerosol Retrieval DevelopmentLink
Merged aerosol products from GEO satellite observationsLink
JAXA aerosol observation missionsLink
ESA Update for ICAPLink
Met Office UpdateLink

Day 3

Updates On The International Cooperative For Aerosol Prediction Multi-Model Ensemble (ICAP-MME) and Surface PM VerificationsLink
The impact of aerosols on sub-seasonal prediction: a study using the ECMWF’s coupled Ensemble Prediction SystemLink
Evaluating aerosols impacts on Numerical Medium-Range and Subseasonal Prediction – 2nd Phase of the WGNE-S2S-GAW Aerosol projectLink
Retrieval of Atmospheric Aerosol Properties for geostationary and JAXA polar-orbital Satellite Imaging SensorsLink
Long-Range-Transported Mineral Dust from Africa and Middle East to East Asia Observed with the Asian Dust and Aerosol Lidar Observation Network (AD-Net)Link
WMO GAW and ICAP joint research areas and collaborationLink